Our LED edge-lit lights place the LED light sources at the side of the panel. These lights appear to have a glow around the edge. The distance between each LED can be adjusted to give various light intensities and uniformity, thus provides precise light control, uniform shadowless light and high optical efficiency in general lighting applications. Each light is custom manufactured to the dimensions/shape, light level and kelvin temperature or RGB output to each client's specific project's requirements. Suspended from the ceiling, the beautiful feature lights combine brilliant aesthetics with space-filling light, all contained within a premium powder coated aluminium frame.


Our back-lit lights are designed to output a perfectly even, bright, edge to edge white or RGB illumination across the surface of the light. These lights integrate high brightness LEDs, heat sinks and wrap around translucent material to produce a “frameless” light of any shape for your specific application.

Recessed - atelier sedap

Minimalistic design and new light sources

atelier sedap has developed expertise in both high quality molding and lighting over the past 40 years. It offers a variety of architectural lighting solutions, designed to meet the needs of architects, builders and interior designers. Lighting is now considered as one of the important aspects of any building. Its role goes beyond the functionality; the lighting not only illuminates but gives life, “reveals” a place.

atelier sedap uses the latest sources developed for optimum performance and innovative effects.

Printed Walls

Illuminated printed walls transform an ordinary wall into a spectacular light display. The custom LED lighting installation is positioned behind the translucent ceiling membrane, which diffuses the light and generates the uniform and visually stunning lighting display. Stretch fabrics and PVC films provide designers with a sleek and uniform surface that illuminates wonderfully.

Printing on a stretch ceiling or wall is for everyone: craftsmen, stand makers, architects, designers and home-owners alike. Stretch fabrics and PVC films are so versatile they can be used for stands, advertising, free standing frames or for furnishing spaces with canvasses, light boxes or acoustic screens. Let us bring your ideas to life!